Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Study Reports 96% Success Rate of Web 2.0 Technologies

Awareness Networks released study, "Trends in Adopting Web 2.0 for the Enterprise in 2007," based on 112 participants and here are the highlights:

  • More than half of enterprise-size organizations utilize Web 2.0 technologies (54 percent), as do 74 percent of companies with less than 500 employees.
  • The majority of respondents using Web 2.0 technologies employ a combination of internal- and external-facing tools (64 percent).
  • Blogs are the most used Web 2.0 technology (selected by 87 percent of respondents), followed by communities, wikis, RSS feeds and social networking.
  • Of companies that use Web 2.0 technology 37 percent are allowed to use social networking sites for business purposes at work.
  • The most successful uses of Web 2.0 technologies in their organizations are blogs (44 percent), communities (42 percent) and wikis (39 percent).
  • Ninety-six percent report that all Web 2.0 technologies they’ve used have been successful, with 83 percent reporting no clear failures.
  • Two-thirds of respondents say limited internal resources to deploy the technology is the biggest obstacle in adopting Web 2.0 technologies. 53 percent say they don't know what social media can do for their company including 73 percent of senior executives - and 23 percent (or nearly one in four) of HR decision makers are unfamiliar with Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Looking for proof of success? 91 percent of respondents report that internal-facing online social media will improve communication and collaboration and 47 percent of respondents plan to deploy an internal-facing community in 2008 or 2009.


sachinuppal said...

Interesting report summary.

I definitely agree to the blogs being success factors for majority enterprises.

Though I am not very convinced with some of the stats especially
"Ninety-six percent report that all Web 2.0 technologies they’ve used have been successful, with 83 percent reporting no clear failures."

Even after going through the report, you can't say anything conclusively, can you? And we do not see any metrics being told to measure the success or failure of the same.

Anyways, you have an intersting blog. Keep writing.

Sachin |

Daniel McIntosh said...

Nice post and a great read…I wonder what the main reasons for these companies who reported clear failures were? It would be great if those companies noted the reasons for their failures and/or their projects to help others avoid these problems.

I’d also like to know more about the 96% success rate. What would determine if a web2.0 project was successful? (amount of traffic maybe??) I’m not to sure though, I guess it would depend on the individual project, and how much time, effort and money was put in and if it was all worth it.