Friday, February 15, 2008

Cisco got Facebooked!

I'm excited to announce that I was part of a team that launched a new Facebook group for Cisco Systems: Cisco Support Group for Internet Addicts. It's a fun group playing off the recent Über User campaign to promote - well - that's sort of a secret until March 4th so for now it's to promote the big event that announce how "life on the network will be better for everyone."

I know there are other marketers who occasionally read this blog - I'd be interested in any feedback (or suggestions) good or bad on the campaign and the set-up of the Facebook group. Also I hope that you'll join the group and participate in some of the discussions.

Lastly, in the light of the Valentine's Day (even though I'm a day late), I'd like to introduce Cupid, the Infatuation Specialist - enjoy!


Richie Fitz said...

Hi.. firstly well done on your facebook group! I hope its successful for you right up to product launch.
Was it easy to set up a facebook group for a brand? Any tips?

Daniel McIntosh said...

Great post..I can’t wait for March 4th, it looks like this innovation is a bigger idea than I originally thought.

I also enjoyed the Uber Users campaign, it’s a great way to build up buzz in an informative and entertaining way. BTW you got Santa and the Easter Bunny, but where’s the Tooth Fairy j/k.

Gabriel Garcia said...

Nice Touch! Congrats on the Facebook ad - I am also registered and looking forward to March 4th.