Monday, October 15, 2007

Blogging for the Environment

I was reminded by Christian Renaud's blog post that today is Blog Action Day.

This is an initiative to get every blog to post on the environment today. The result is over 16,235 blog posts so far (and still people question the power of blogs).

Since I know I'm planning a trip for the holidays and couldn't take Christian up for his challenge. Instead, I did a little poking around and found this great site with simple actions we can all take to make a difference. It's a pretty basic list and I know I can commit to a few of these this week! Can you?
From a marketers perspective one way we can all help the environment is to stop printing collateral that ends up in the trash anyways. One creative way to do this that is in line with the web 2.0 theme is to create interactive PDFs.

On a side note, I can't help but think how a similar campaign can be run in a B2B world. It would definitely increase the buzz if you can get all your partners (maybe customers too) to blog on the same topic on the same day. Maybe a launch annoucement?


Deanna Belle said...

Thanks for the link, LaSandra! If everyone made small changes like the ones listed on, they would surely add up to make a difference!

Check out this really cool Ecological Footprint Quiz to REALLY find out how much "nature" your lifestyle requires. This Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard.

I think anyone who takes this quiz will be amazed at what they find. I was, that's for sure! But it also helped me to realize that changing my routines and habits (and even the smallest ones) can help tremendously in the effort to save the planet. The more education on going green, the better!

LaSandra Brill said...

Thanks for stopping by Deanna. My ecological footprint was 67% of the average person in the US. I thought that was good until it said that we would need 3.6 planets if everyone lived like me. I wonder how much I can decrease that number by implementing some of the small changes recommended?

Deanna Belle said...

It's interesting, isn't it? Seeing the actual numbers on paper helps to put it all into perspective.