Monday, July 9, 2007

Marketing 2.0 - Another Perspective

To continue on my first post of defining Marketing 2.0, Eric Vidal, Director of Marketing Communications at WebEx and Chris Peterson, president and CEO of Chautaugua created this insightful podcast "Marketing 2.0: Creative Destruction of Advertising."

This 15-minute podcast is time well spent. It starts off defining Marketing 2.0 and explaining why it's more than "Social Media Marketing." Eric explains, "Marketing 2.0 is a shift with dramatic implications about how marketing gets created, distributed, consumed and responded to."

Chris added, "We've lost control over the marketing conversation. People used to use marketing as a source of information for new products and services but now they are turning towards friends, family, strangers - people all over the world and ignoring traditional marketing output."

Eric then provided examples of what this has meant to WebEx’ marketing mix and their move towards "informing rather than forcing a message." WebEx does this through more podcasts, web seminars (on the WebEx platform of course), white papers and third party reports which are more credible.

Chris explains how these shifts require a "fundamental re-tooling of what marketing has been doing" and that rather than focusing on a single compelling message we need to focus on what content types will appeal to our customer base.

Eric ends the event by reading the Marketing 2.0 Wikipedia entry which I’ve posted to and asks other marketers to participate by further defining this term.

There's a part two to this series which I'll write about tomorrow...

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