Monday, July 23, 2007

Sign the Business 2.0 Facebook Petition

If a community exists for 7 years without any interaction, did it really exist? Not until someone puts it on Facebook!
Business 2.0 is at risk of closing its doors. But with the help of Facebook, readers have a voice and we’re not letting it fold without a fight. The dedicated readers of Business 2.0 created a Facebook Group that is essentially acting as an online petition to keep the publication alive. I’m a reader of Business 2.0 so I didn’t hesitate to become a member but only after 1450 other people beat me to it.

The story here for fans of Facebook and Business 2.0 is that one can play an instrumental role in saving the other. And how fitting considering the role Business 2.0 has played in chronicling innovative tech since its inception in 2000.

But for a corporate marketer like me, the story is that a community of people, (to use Josh’s words: “bright-eyed geniuses, every one of them, with big brains and enormous disposable incomes”) hadn’t yet adopted any of the technologies in the Web 2.0 toolkit to give their community a voice.

This is bad news/good news. Bad news because it’s a reminder that as useful as Web 2.0 can be to help me better interact with my customers, it’s still not adopted enough to be as pervasive as I need it to be. Good news because, well, just look at it’s potential. Do your part and sign up to save Business 2.0. Do it for a great magazine. And do it to help show those who aren’t yet on board the potential of giving a community a voice.

On Josh’s blog, he comments, “We should have turned Business 2.0 into a real social network long ago. Who knew that, secretly, that it already was one.”

I think this is an interesting comment to consider – do you have a secret community that needs to be unleashed?

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