Monday, May 28, 2007

The Marketing 2.0 Revolution

Marketers should be well aware of the shift that is happening on the web. The web revolution that is being defined as Web 2.0 is changing the way we communicate.

For Marketers, this changes everything. We as marketers need to evolve to Marketing 2.0. Using O'Reilly's model to define Web 2.0, Marketing 2.0 can be defined as:

Marketing 1.0 -----> Marketing 2.0
interruptions --------> integrations
transactions --------> interactions
commercials --------> product placements
press releases --------> blog posts
direct mail --------> email
push content --------> pull content (RSS)
collateral --------> videos
seminars --------> webinars / podcasts
business generated content --------> user generated content
building websites --------> building communities

View the evolving definition of Marketing 2.0 here.

As a marketer I will be learning and experimenting with these technologies as they continue to evolve Marketing as we know it. On this blog I will capture lessons learned, define best practices and provide thoughts and ideas from my experiences. I hope this site becomes an example of social networking as others begin to post comments and contribute to the conversation.


Digital Nomad said...

And now it is evolving to SMM and SMO. I had to do a search on these terms...they are pretty new.

LaSandra Brill said...

Good point. I think Social Media Marketing (SMO) is the term that is likely to stick in the market.

Here are direct links to Wikipedia's definition of these terms:

Social Media Marketing = Social Media Marketing

Social Media = Social Media Optimization

Homemom3 said...

While I am no marketer (and have always dreamed of PR) I do realize how much the internet is changing and helping those that do sell products. From reviews, announcements, blogmercials, blog tours, giveaways to your average company site there is something for every product out there to get sold on. Gone are the days of just tv commericials, now you'll have them everywhere. Love your points.

mrktg said...

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Jeremy Pisanic said...

Marketing Medley trademarked the term Marketing 2.0® and defined it as: A marketing model that completely integrates traditional print media and online marketing in ways that are more effective and more efficient. See more at Marketing 2.0 Blog

Addy said...

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