Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Supernova Blogroll

As you can tell by the date of my first blog I am fairly new to the blogosphere and this is my first event blog. I quickly realized as I was working on my first post that the many bloggers in the room were much more experienced than I was as they were putting out posts one after another in real time. I tried to keep up but realized I'm just not that good yet - so rather than putting out crap I saved all my posts until I had a little more time to put some structure around them (hence all the posts within the last 10-minutes). In any case my point is that there are a lot of experienced bloggers at this event with really great insights on this stuff so check them out:

Raph Koster
POP! PR Jots
Walden News & Views
P2P Information
Bag and Baggage
Jason P. DeFillippo
Supernova Conversation Hub

Sorry if I left anyone out - if you're blogging at Supernova feel free to add your blog my adding a comment.

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