Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sometimes Apple Thinks Too Different - Don't Fall into the Same Trap

The Techno Marketer blog had a great post about changing the rules of the game. In his case he talks about how the remodeled Apple store no longer has a checkout stand - but since they didn't communicate this change customers wrongfully formed in front of the 'Genius Bar' instead. Too different, too fast, and without communication - not good.

Although this is clearly a B2C example I think similar mistakes can be made by B2B companies with all of the hype around Web 2.0. We are still in a transition phase and while RSS is hot and growing it's not a substitute for email (at least not yet). Blog readership is exploding but the global uptake is still lagging. Podcast usage is growing 'tenfold' according to Forrester but they have a ways to go before they can be considered mainstream. The rules of marketing are changing but I’m wary of getting caught up in the hype and abandoning traditional mediums that have served me well. Another reminder that a hybrid approach of old and new approaches is usually the best way to go.


Matt Dickman said...

LaSandra -- Glad you liked the post and thanks for linking over! I think your conclusions on B2B are right on here. Adoption isn't as quick as we'd like it to be and the tried and true methods of doing business should stick around. Once adoption rates are right then you move people over, explaining everything in detail of course.

dMix said...

I think I have a similar prolbem in trying to communicate my product since I'm so involved in social media. It's hard to get back down to the consumers perspective when they don't immediatley see the benefits of things like crowds, interaction, and providing content.

Do you have an insights on staying grounded with your customers?

LaSandra Brill said...


It sounds like your challenge is communicating the benefits of social media to people who may not understand the value. Showing examples and proof points are always the best way to increase credibility - I have tried to show examples on this site of social
and widgets. Sometimes starting small or creating a pilot program is a good way to get late adopters to test the social media stomping ground. As for staying "grounded" I recommend you keep a good mix of traditional and social media marketing in the campaigns you work on - not only will you have better results but your prospective customers will feel more comfortable about the campaign overall.

I hope that helps - good luck.