Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hey! If CBS can do it . . .

Right now there’s a marketing professional standing in front of her CMO holding a print out of this blogpost and saying “Hey! If CBS can do it, how hard could it be?”

CBS is the “Traditional” in “Traditional Media” and there’s some credence to the thinking that if they’ve jumped onto the Widget Wagon the other media behemoths are sure to follow suit. For some time CBS has been fortunate to be very popular with the more “mature” audience at the cost of attracting TV’s most coveted viewers: the 18-34 set. You’d have to think that their willingness to cannonball into the deep end of the Web 2.0 pool is a sign that the “old guard” is more committed to trying to attract a new audience with how they position and deliver the content, not just the content itself. Also, this morning’s news regarding their acquisition of and their recent acquisition of and investment in Joost among others indicate that CBS Interactive is leading the charge and providing a good example for us all.

I’m already working on my “If CBS can do it . . .” slide!

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