Thursday, October 2, 2008

Social Media Marketing Summit - Recap

I presented the Cisco ASR Case Study example at today's Social Media Marketing Summit. I was a little rusty since I've been on LOA for 2 months now (for those who may not know I had a baby girl on 8.8.08). I stumbled on a few words then to top it off the computer prompted me to restart now or later for an update and of course I accidentally pressed now. The crowd responded with a "oooh noooo" and it still took me a minute to realized what I had done. I tried to keep my cool and keep on going and according to this post from Trisha Lyn it sounded like I didn't do that bad (I swear I didn't pay her).

Uunfortunately didn't catch much of the other sessions with the exception of of a presentation, by Tara Hunt. Her presentation, "Increasing the Social Capital of your Brand" was largely based off her book "The Whuffie Factor" which she is expecting to be released in April. Her delivery was awesome and although the presentation was high level it sounds like it'll be a good read to reinforce the basics.

As for my presentation, if you missed this conference you'll have two more opportunities to catch me. I'll be speaking at the Social Media Strategies Conference and the SIPA Mid-Year Marketing Conference.

If anyone who has seen my slides or better yet who has seen me present has comments or suggestions for improvement, please let me know!

UPDATE: If you're going to the WebGuild Social Media Strategies Conference use this discount code to save $150 "community56"


Trisha Lyn Fawver said...

You did great - recovered like a champ! Thanks for linking to my notes :)

DSK said...

that is a classic... with the windows update. i hate that feature!

Lidija Davis said...

Hi LaSandra,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation at the SMMS. It gives me great hope that others will follow your lead and show rather than tell how to implement a social media strategy.

Anna said...

Dear LaSandra,

I've seen your presentation "Building a Community With Social Media and Web 2.0" and thought it was really interesting and suitable for the next09 conference that we're currently organizing for Germany:

I'd like to invite you to take one of the main speeches at next09. The next conference 2009 will take place the fourth time on May 5 & 6, 2009 in Hamburg. We are expecting around 1500 international guests.

It would great to have you here for a talk about possible business strategies on "Share Economy" as well as Cisco's take on it. In case you accept our invitation, we will work out a suitable topic for your talk.

I'd love to provide you with more information about the conference itself as well as about us. Could you kindly send me your email adress?

Thank you very much and kind regards