Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wrap-up Interview from Forrester Social Media Bootcamp

Today we had Jeremiah Owyang and Laura Ramos of Forrester co-host a Social Media Bootcamp at Cisco. After the event I was able to catch Laura for a quick interview (unfortunately Jeremiah had to run off to another meeting). Check it out:

I wanted to address that last question again - should it be People-Objective-Strategy-Technology (POST) or People-Objective-Technology-Strategy (POTS)? Laura's response sounds logical and seems to be what everyone who responded to my Tweet agrees with but I'm still not convinced. In talking with Jeremiah about it one thing he said was that “strategy” and “technology” actually go hand-in-hand with some overlap. For example if your planning process led you to creating a blog the strategy that you put together would be very different than if you were creating a Facebook group. Perhaps the right methodology is POSTS so you can revisit the strategy after you've chosen the technology?

UPDATE: For more on the bootcamp read this post from my collegue at Cisco, Brian Ellefritz - "My first Social Media bootcamp, and it didn't even hurt"


Jeremiah Owyang said...

Lasandra, we had a great time yesterday, enjoying your points on "POTS" vs "POST. Have a great time off, let's catch up when you get back.

Wilson Craig said...

You rock. Hope and trust all's well with you. Looking forward to talking when you get back. - Wilson

Heather Meza said...

Thank you for sharing LaSandra!

I'm a strong believer in strategy before technology (POST) and view technology as a means to execute on strategy.

However, this is not to say that one should not be strategic in the execution of their chosen tactics.

e.g. a blog in of itself would be considered a tactic that should be executed strategically to map back to a social media strategy in support of an even larger strategy.

Kinda seems like i'm voting for POSTS ;-)