Monday, August 25, 2008

Social Media Conversation with 1to1 Media - Part II

Here's the second half of the podcast from the interview with 1to1 Media. This session focuses on measuring and monetizing social media. From a Cisco perspective one of the things we look at is increasing the overall 'share of voice' we have online. Tac from HP shares some of his successes with search engine optimization through the use of social media with their AR / PR initiatives. Michael at Intel looks at trying to apply a quantitative value to the different results they receive. We then share our perspective of 'what's next' and end with advice for other marketers looking to 'take the red pill':

"Start with a few small wins that you can get under your belt and
expand your efforts from there" ~ LaSandra Brill, Cisco

"Set your expectations appropriately." ~ Tac Anderson, HP

"Take your time and don't rush into it." ~ Michael Brito,

For more 'words of wisdom' check out the 'Conversations Matter' blog which we all contribute to.

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Matthew said...

LaSandra -

Would love to chat with you offline about social advertising and your employer. Can we set up a call? By the way, Debra suggested that I reach out to here. Have a great weekend. Matt Rochios Adknowledge Social 415 495 5934