Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cisco Ends the Search for the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

This is a great B2B example of a viral video. This video was posted to YouTube, blogged about and Twittered about and in 5 days has over 8,400 views!


Dave Rodgerson said...

My name is Dave Rodgerson, I’m a Marketing Manager for IBM Canada. Several weeks ago I ran an event titled “Retail As Theatre” event down at the Second City theatre. It was very well attended and the audience seemed to get great value from the message. I wanted to share with you a summary of the event and provide some of the valuable information that came out of the session. I've prepared it in the format of a magazine article and attached a link for the piece for you to read;

We had such a great response to the "Dash Walmsly" character that we introduced at the event that we've launched his own website
Please take a minute to visit the site and watch some of the videos that were created to help us sustain the message from the event. They're quite funny, (as you'd expect from the great team at Second City).

It's also presented us with an opportunity to participate in some social media marketing as a part of the campaign. If you like the videos, you can download them or share them with other people in your network. To get more information on Customer Experience, I've added a link that you can use to download a number of studies that apply across the retail industry; General merchandise retailers Apparel retailers Grocery Online merchants Drug Stores and Pharmacies

This link also includes access to a special study on "Turning Shoppers Into Advocates" Thanks again your interest,

geoff said...

yes there is many ways to advertise and video is certainly one of them here is a good one