Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Leveraging Social Media and Web 2.0 in a Product Launch

This morning I co-presented with Wilson Craig, PR Manager at Cisco for the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association's (SVAMA) networking breakfast. We shared the strategy, tactics and lessons learned from the recent Cisco ASR 1000 product launch where we leveraged interactive and social tools as well as social media outlets including Facebook, Second Life, blogs and discussion forums to spread its marketing message.

Here are the slides from our presentation:


Dominique said...

Thanks for this very instructive presentation !

Robin said...

A friend mentioned your case presentation on the CISCO launch on your web site and spoke very highly of you. I teach a class on applications of new social media at Stanford Continuing Studies and wondered if you would be interested in speaking at the class. Please let me know if this is of interest. Robin Stavisky

Anonymous said...

i dig the carpet bombing reference!

Angad Pathania said...

hey guys.. the posts here are surely enticing .. however i wanted to get a better insight as how social marketing can affect B2Bs (especially technology, consultancy)... a major doubt is the ability to measure its effectiveness too.. term like ROI !

Need help on this, any referrals, websites, reports, surveys you know off.. please let me know !!

thanks !

Cindy Kim said...

Great slides on the launch. Loved how you've integrated key components of social media into your overall launch. I had a quick question - Facebook aspect is interesting but I realized that it doesn't fit our security audience. It's mostly made up of our company employees. Any recommendations on how to get FB to work for our audience? We're about to hit a major launch and would love to find out.


Cindy Kim
Marketing Journalist Blog:

Angad - can you be more specific on technology and consultancy? I can provide some valuable links around that as well.

LaSandra Brill said...


FB will only work if your audience is there. With that said, note that they may most people aren't using FB to talk business, they use it on their off time. This makes finding them a little harder and communicating with them very different. You will notice that we used FB as our 'fun' outlet. We kept the more 'business' related conversations on our site and used FB to connect with people on a more personal level. Also what you might find is that your employees are connected to the people you want to reach. You can create a groundswell by starting with your employee network. Good luck!

~ LaSandra